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To have the greatest impact, Occupational Therapy recommendations need to be put into place by all those supporting the child on a daily basis. Our Occupational Therapy assessment and review reports provide lots of practical and easy to implement recommendations for parents and members of school staff. Many of the families we work with return to us for periodical reviews (half termly or termly) to enable their child’s progress to be measured and recommendations to be updated. Some of the children we work with benefit from blocks of Occupational Therapy sessions. In our experience, these are best carried out in the child’s natural setting wherever possible e.g. school or home. Occupational Therapy sessions are unique to each child and are guided by the child’s needs identified at assessment. Therapy sessions are fun and involve the use of a range of approaches.

Home or School Therapy Sessions

Depending upon geographical location and our therapist availability, we may be able to offer home or school based Occupational Therapy sessions – Please contact us for a quote.

Remote Sessions

A one-hour online (Zoom or Teams) session to discuss your child’s needs and provide on-the-spot relevant support, advice and strategies – Please contact us for a quote.

Travel for Home and School Visits

Home and School visits over 10 miles away from the therapy practice incur additional travel fees to reflect the therapist’s expenses and time away from the therapy practice.

Less than 10 miles: No Charge.

More than 10 miles: £100 per hour (or part thereof).

Inside the M25: £100 per hour (or part thereof).

Calculated using Waze average travel time based on time of day. We are based in multiple locations and the point of origin for calculation may vary depending on the day. This will be confirmed in any quotation.


It was a privilege to work with Anna in her capacity as Senior Occupational Therapist. As Lead Specialist teacher for Autism in Essex I worked with her closely over a number of years. Many qualities spring to mind when I think of Anna: she is innovative, practical, calm and empathetic. Her knowledge and skill in working with children with autism was outstanding. She successfully tailored programmes for individual children and her training sessions were always informative and interesting. I would not hesitate to recommend Anna for providing therapy sessions, delivering training or supervision.

JILL HORNE Senior Learning Co-ordinator (Specialist Teacher Team)
I have known Anna Hamlet since 2008, when she began working with my son as his Occupational Therapist, following his diagnosis of Autism.
I soon became heavily involved, during the founding stages, of the specialist Autism and Asperger’s (STAARS) Team, as one of two ‘Autism Parent Representatives’ in Thurrock and a greater area of Essex. I support parents and children and deliver the Good Beginnings Course, when NHS resources allow me to ‘borrow’ a professional staff member for a morning, weekly for 10 weeks.

In all the time I have known Anna Hamlet – as a parent and working with her within the STAARS Team, I have found her to be enthusiastic and approachable. She is absolutely a key team member and is always up to date with recent research and findings, incorporating that into her vast area of knowledge. She can reach out to parents on their individual level and explain their child’s difficulties; moving them onto actually providing that much needed help themselves. She encourages and gives realistic hope (which we need as parents, to empower us!). She is also great to work with. During our Good Beginnings Sessions, we assign one week (one morning) to various members of Health and Education. Anna’s OT sessions are always extremely well attended and enormously welcomed; our parents look forward to meeting with her, and returning with questions later too.

ANITA GRIFFITHS, Autism Parent Representative, Essex
Anna has supervised me since May 2010. She is a dedicated and experienced individual who is always passionate about supporting me in reaching the highest potential through her supervision.
ANNA HUMENSKY, Clinical Occupational Therapist, The Priory Group

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