What is an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)?

An EHCP is a legally binding document that describes all the special education, health and care needs of a child or young person and details the extra help and support they will need to learn.

Does an Occupational Therapist (OT) need to contribute to an EHCP?

OTs assess for any sensory processing and/or motor skills differences/difficulties which are impacting upon a child’s participation at home and school.

As sensory processing and motor skills differences/difficulties are very common in Autistic children and those with ADHD, Developmental Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia and Developmental Delay, it is very important for evidence and recommendations from an OT to be included in an EHCP.

What skills does an OT need to write an assessment report for an EHCP?

In our experience, to be able to clearly understand and detail a child’s needs for an EHCP, the OT needs extensive postgraduate training and clinical experience as a Children’s OT, extensive experience of completing EHCP assessments and of writing high quality EHCP reports.

Will the Local Authority accept an independent (private) OT report?

Input for an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) can be provided by a private OR statutory (NHS or Local Authority) OT. The OT, regardless of their professional setting, is required to provide recommendations based on the individual needs of the child and not the resources available.

How can My World Therapy OT EHCP reports help?

At My World Therapy, all our OTs have extensive experience and post graduate training.

Our OT EHCP reports:

  • Help families to secure the right educational placement for their child.
  • Help children to gain one to one support from a Learning Support Assistant to ensure that OT recommendations are fully implemented at school.
  • Result in recommended OT provision being included in Section F of the EHCP, meaning that children receive the follow up OT they need.
  • Help parents and school staff to understand the child’s unique sensory and physical needs.

Feedback we’ve received from parents and schools:

‘We’re really happy with the report; so great to have in detail all of our child’s needs and the provision required’.

‘Thank you so much for your report, it helped me to get my child what she needs. Our preferred school has been named in Section I of the EHCP’.

‘What a fantastic report, thank you so much! This will be a brilliant contribution for evidence to go towards the EHCP’.

‘Your report is superb and so informative and captures my child fully’.

My World Therapy Occupational Therapy EHCP Reports