Mummy goes to work to play!

My children think that it is very funny that I go to work to play. They are fascinated by the toys I use for therapy sessions and often ‘borrow’ them. They notice how my therapy bag looks very different for each session and I have explained to them that this is because every child is different.

My therapy bag may just look like a bag of exciting toys but in truth each toy/activity has been very carefully selected to engage the child and to work on their unique Occupational Therapy goals.

My children are right, I do go to work to play. Play is the most important occupation of the child. Children learn and practice new skills through play and they develop a sense of self.

During the last year, I have worked on OT goals by playing hide and seek, dressing teddies in clothes, having my hair plaited like a Disney princess, losing several games of Connect 4 (not intentionally) and by pretending to be Super Mario (as requested by the child). I have had a lot of fun!

I am taking this summer holidays off to play with my own children. They are growing up quickly! All of our My World Therapy OT Team will be ‘recharging their batteries’ over the summer holidays so we are ready in September, to play with your children again and to help them to smash their OT goals.

Occupational Therapy Play